About Us

HOBS’ PHOTOGRAPHY is an extended folio of “Hive of Boradinco Services” (HOBS).

A penchant for observing and viewing varied stuffs binds our photo-artists together. The photographs reflect the inner turmoil and pleasure of the artists. The myriad snapshots speak millions of words. In our photography section, we display these snapshots and provide a platform for putting them into various uses. The team is comprised of photo artists who can capture images in events, weddings, forums and also captures need-specific photography, object-based shots, quote/story-related photos etc. We also provide Videography for events, weddings etc. Also do portfolio photography for individuals.

Thus we intend to exhibit our photographs to meet the varied requirements of different articles, websites, contents, books, magazines, journals, blogs and even for advertisement purposes. So depending on your requirements, you may please choose your desired photo(s) from our portfolio and make it yours. Please feel free to contact us for original photographs (click here).

HOBS is also specialized in other services that includes – Institutional, Designing, Advisory and Consulting Services etc. Please take a look at the service site for more details (click here).

Our Team

Hello friends, we are just relishing our hobbies here; Yes - our hobbies of capturing moments. We keep looking for perfect moments, frames, objects that can speak about the hidden essence, and thus we try to capture the unnoticed beauty in it !!

We are amateurs and learning through our works. Our effort is to learn in every click, improvise our work, visualize more and capture the frames that can magnetize your eyes.

Abdul Gani

"Hi friends, this is Abdul Gani. I am a writer & a journalist by profession, working in Assam & NE region of India. Photography is my hobby, fueled by my Passion. I like to observe Nature and play with the lenses. Being a nature & peace lover, I like to explore the hidden aura in each moment of life and strive to live it to the fullest. I always hunt for ‘the click’ that speaks its story itself. A heart-pleasing capture is my desire and my hobby is committed to it. Cheers! You can catch me up at my social portals too – Fb & Twitter. See you!"

Deep J B

"Hello friends, this is Deep here; I’m a Consultant & Advisor by profession, currently working in Mumbai area. Photography, Photo-arts, Designing, Prose-poems, Songs & Quote development are my real-time hobbies; and are the process of my continuous learning too! I’m a hard-core dreamer of life who likes to embed himself in imagination and relate with tranquility. Here at ‘HOBS Photography’, I want to boost up my hobbies and give a professional shape to my creative thinking. Hey! Let’s connect through my social portals: Fb & twitter. Cheers!"


"Hi friends, this is Jibanjyoti here, an Educationalist & a Language Trainer put up in Bangalore region. Creativity has always been my first love right from my childhood, as it brings out the best within me. I'm an individual who prefers to possess multiple interests at a time. Photography is one of my loveliest hobbies that defines my life too. Photographs capture the hidden beauty of nature, the meaningful silence and the glorious moment of the situation. I like to visualize the art and meaning that a photograph can speak out. Here, my endeavor is to relish my photography-hobby at the best. I believe in adding colors, rhythm & happiness in people's lives. Hence I'm famous as "Geet" amongst people. So catch Geet at Fb & Twitter….See ya!"