Liked the collection. Quotes are very nice thought not complete in all photos.
by: Gelnn Phyl (31-Jan-2016)

Add more on natures. Good work by Abdul.
by: Shriman (19-Jan-2016)

Nice collection, object based photography are really nice.
by: Sagarika (05-Jan-2016)

Nice to see the site. Are you guys also into event photography? Are you also interested in theme based photography. ?
by: Praneet V. (29-Jun-2015)

Hi guys, I have checked the site. Nicely done. Good photography , well presented. Good luck .
by: Abhinas (20-Nov-2014)

HOBS Photography is a good portal I see. Especially I liked the very beginning page with the nice logo. In the portfolio basket collections of Nature and Objects are really nice. I am sure you have many more photos to come. A grid view and subject based search option would have be even helpful for viewers. Keep up, good luck. (Nilesh)
by: Nilesh Ranjan (11-Nov-2014)

Hello there ! I am cartoonist, not professional though. I came across to this site via your fb. Good Job here, I say. Photos in the Nature category are amazing, thumb up to Mr. Gani. Object based photography are nice too. Wouldn't be a good idea if you also mention the place/location of the photos? Cheers to you all guys, keep up the good work. Parag.
by: Parag B (06-Nov-2014)

Nice website. Good tour while peeping through the portfolio. They are nice. Caption & Description given to each photo is a unique idea, it shows the artistic view of the photographer. Please let me know if we can contribute to your photos in terms of caption and description. My email id is sent, would love to see your reply.... :)
by: Ayesha (06-Nov-2014)